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African drumming workshop

– whether school or corporate our Master African Drumming are in a league of their own. Our authentic African Drummer provides fun, exciting, physical and mental stimulating drumming sessions for either individual or as a team. Beat along with instructors and get an authentic African experience brought to your classroom & workplace today!

Samba dance workshop

– Don’t miss a beat with our highly train competitive dancers. Lean an authentic Samba routine whether it’s for young age groups of for older ages our Samba instructors can adopt the style to relate to the lesion you want. Gets a fun and entertaining exercise where it be a slow or intense session. Get the experience you’re guaranteed to have a laugh with!

Chinese Ribbon Workshop

– with only the best instructors teaching the authentic dances your guaranteed to be mesmerised with countless shapes the ribbons can make. Let each individual student take part and dance with the ribbon allowing a colourful display with shape precised movements.

If you want to book a last minute school workshop or event get in touch with use & have an experience of your life.