2020 Effect – Far Eastern Workshops

The Far East is not just geographically distant, but also culturally exotic which makes for some truly inspiring and engaging workshops. Both China & Indonesia are popular for cultural workshops along with Japan. Far Eastern Workshops have a range of visual arts, dance, storytelling and creative music workshops that work great for a multicultural day, week or to coincide with your curriculum.

With many exotic cultures and rich and varied histories to explore, from the striking Chinese Ribbon Dance to the bold sound of Gamelan Music. Far Eastern has a lot to offer with varying cultural traditions.

Popular Workshop Suggestions:

  • Origami
  • Chinese Ribbon Dance
  • Chinese Fan Dance
  • Calligraphy

Chinese Ribbon Dance Workshops are really popular as they not only look fantastic but are really engaging upbeat and provide children with the opportunity to really experience this unusual culture!

Have you ever considered?

  • Gamelan Music
  • Japanese Traditional Dance
  • Chinese Lion Dance
  • Chinese Acrobatics

You could have any of the above workshops and with our current offers you could save on them too check out our website for more workshop options and make the most of our current offer.

Mix & Match Any 5 Workshops For £1,500 (Was £1,925)

Examples of Combinations:

African Drumming + Bollywood + Henna + Street Dance + Samba Drumming = 5 For £1500

Anti Bullying + Sex & Relationships + Conflict Resolution + Drugs + Enterprise = 5 For £1500

Mask Making + African Dance + Musical Theatre +Capoeira + Chinese Dance = 5 For £1500

You can book any combination of workshops and spread them out as much as you like, why not use them for a multicultural week?

You can experience all of the above, with our 100% authentic workshops. From Bollywood Dance Workshops and Indian Classical Dance Workshops to Origami Workshops and Chinese Dance Workshops, lovers of Asian arts will be spoilt for choice!