Bollywood Dance: A True Bombay Mix

Like a river with many tributaries, modern dance forms take influence from a variety of sources, and a Bollywood Dance Workshop is a perfect example of this. Although traditional Indian classical and folk forms are clearly represented in the choreography, you will also find elements of jazz, hip-hop and belly dancing among other styles; Bollywood is truly a synthetic art form.

The ‘Vocabulary’ of Bollywood

Some of the most recognisable aspects of Bollywood, and those that students of our Bollywood Dance Workshops find most fascinating to learn, are the hand, neck, eye and foot movements that have their basis in traditional Indian dance. This is one reason why our authentic dance workshops, run by facilitators from Mumbai/Bombay, are a fascinating window into another world and an ideal part of any cultural awareness event.

The hand movements, or mudras, for example, are rooted in the telling of mythological tales involving the Indian gods. In fact, according to Hindus, dance itself is said to have been created by Brahma and codified in the Natyashastra. To this day, the eight accepted traditional classical dance forms are all faithful to this text.

Ancient tradition; modern style

Once students have learnt the basic movements and become comfortable with them, it’s time to let loose, relax and expend some energy. Bollywood is characterised by its cheesy humour and high-tempo style, spiced with regular shoulder and hip shimmys. For this reason, our Bollywood Dance Workshops are also an ideal alternative PE lesson.

Our fully interactive Authentic Bollywood Dance Workshops also help with co-ordination, rhythm, performance skills and musicality.

Our Authentic Dance Workshops start with isolations, stretches and other warm-up exercises and work towards a final mini-performance piece, with half of the class forming the audience.

To fulfil our child protection obligations, all of our facilitators have received an enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) check within the last 3 years, and we have £5 million PLI in place.

2020 Effect are experienced national authentic workshop providers and won’t let you down at the last moment. To find out more about our authentic Bollywood Dance workshops, browse our brochure, read testimonials and take advantage of some generous offers, visit our Bollywood Dance Workshop page.