African Arts Workshops: What does ‘Authentic’ Mean?

We are proud to advertise the fact that all of our African Arts workshops, whether we’re talking about traditional African Drumming and Dance or African-influenced arts from the Caribbean, South America, the USA or elsewhere are authentic. But what do we actually mean by that?

There are several reasons why that term is apt for every one of our popular educational workshops:

Authentic People

We run an impressive range of African Arts workshops, including African Dance Workshops, African Drumming Workshops, Brazilian Samba Drumming Workshops, Brazillian Capoeira, Afro-Cuban Percussion, Hip Hop Dance and Afro-Brazillian Dance. With such variety on offer, you might assume that we employ facilitators/instructors who gain their knowledge from performing arts courses at University or specialist colleges.

The truth is that every workshop is led by a facilitator/instructor from the geographical region in question, so that, for example, students enjoying an African Drumming workshop will be picking up techniques and knowledge from genuine African master drummers. We are convinced that only facilitators who have lived and breathed the culture can truly provide a lasting educational experience.

By the end of an authentic African Drumming workshop, participants will understand why Africa is called the ‘drum continent’, and how rhythm infuses every aspect of life in that land.

Authentic Tools & Instruments

Our educational workshops often enable students to handle genuine tools and instruments from another culture. Staying with our African Drumming Workshops for example, participants will each get to play an authentic African drum or percussion instrument. These might include the goblet-shaped Djembe and Bougarabou drums; the conga-like Kpanlogo and/or the tuned Balafan (from the Xylophone family of instruments).

Authentic Creativity

We believe truly educational workshops should fully involve students, you will never come across a 2020 Effect workshop with pupils sitting still and listening while facilitators do all the playing. Although there will be an element of imitation (for example, the ‘call and response’ method of drum tuition), students will soon move on to creating their own rhythms. The culmination of their hard work will often be demonstrated in a big school performance, although we will always fit our workshops around your requirements (not the other way around).

Authentic Experience

We have presented workshops to hundreds of thousands of pupils throughout the UK, so we have probably experienced every type of school environment and handled every challenge that we could possibly come across; a 2020 Effect workshop is flexible enough to fit in with any project you have in mind. We fully respect our responsibilities with regards to insurance, safeguarding and working within school policy, and we will never let you down at the last moment.

Yes, when we say authentic we mean authentic! For more information on our authentic African Arts Workshops, please click HERE