Street Dance Classes Milton Keynes

2020 Effect has just launched its Academy right in the heart of Central Milton Keynes Buszy Studios.

Our academy will give participants of all ages young and old, beginner or professional the opportunity to develop their skills in a professional and supportive environment and provide a solid training, with participants attaining the highest levels of professionalism and commitment.

We have opened up the Academy with Street Dance Classes as a taster sessions of what is yet to come in Milton Keynes.

Street Dance is one of the fastest growing and changing contemporary dance forms and can be daunting to a first time or less experienced dancer.  Our Street Dance Classes in Milton Keynes offer versatility and accessibility. Come and learn the latest street dance & hip hop dance routines – our street dance classes in Milton Keynes are for children and adults – beginners to professionals.

“For all those people who are thinking about taking up Street Dance classes with 2020 Effect don’t think, just go! The first Class is Free!”

So do you want to learn the latest hottest dance moves, get fit, meet new dance buddies while dancing to the latest RNB and Hip hop tunes?

Well look no further than Milton Keynes, 2020 Effect’s goal is to make you into an amazing dancer!

Your first class with us is FREE – what have you got to lose?

Next class is on Tuesday 5th April 2011 @ 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Street Dance Classes @ The Buszy (old bus station – opposite Milton Keynes Train station), 401 Elder Gate, MK9 1LR
Adult street dance – Tuesdays 6-7pm – £4.00 per session

Reasons to Come to Street Dance Clasess in Milton Keynes

1. Learn the street dance techniques and routines!
2. Become a better street dancer and performer!
3. Develop skill, style and confidence!
4. Get fit, tone up and lose weight while enjoying to the latest tunes!

Bring a friend, in fact bring all your friends and learn how to Street Dance in Milton Keynes.

Remember your first Street Dance class is FREE!

Visit the website for more info Dance Classes