Junk Percussion Workshops

2020 Effect’s Junk Percussion Workshops are a great way engage have fun and learn!

Junk Percussion Workshops allow participants to create their own instruments out of junk and household objects to create a piece of music in a fun and interactive environment. Participants will explore the elements of multi-cultural rhythms, music from recycled junk, and how sounds are created and composed.

2020 Effect’s Junk Percussion workshop will also help participants to understand social and environmental issues such as recycling, and reducing harm to the environment and will encourage children to protect their global and local environment.

Junk Percussion workshops with 2020 Effect are lively, fun and engaging! Held by professional drummers, you will rehearse and perform with others, exploring how sounds can be made in different ways. It will help to understand how music is used for particular purposes, exploring how sounds can be organised and helping with expression.es

To find out more about our junk percussion workshops please contact us on 0800 471 4983 or email hello@2020effect.com

We’d love to help and get you into express your creative side with Junk Percussion workshops!