Bollywood Dance Workshops

With authentic Bollywood Dance costumes and movements, our Bollywood Dance Workshops provide an engaging experience; but there is much more to discover and experience. Whether you’re looking to enhance the school curriculum, provide an alternative to P.E. lessons or strengthen team-building skills, you will be impressed with the structure and content of our Bollywood Dance workshops.

Bollywood Dane Workshop participants will find themselves:

1. Learning About Other Cultures – There is only so much that books can do. Our cultural dance workshops give children and adults alike a real insight into the traditions and histories of our diverse planet.

2. Getting Active – Bollywood Dance Workshop encourages people to get up and move; it’s one of the most enjoyable ways to lose weight and stay fit. Active children are more focused students, and healthy employees take less time off work!

3. Building Self-Confidence – Achievement in life is rooted in self-confidence. Our Bollywood Dance Workshops focus on interaction and helping participants discover their unique strengths.

4. Expressing Themselves – Our dance workshops open up a whole new world of creativity through the subtle power of movement.

We place great emphasis on inclusion; participants will get the opportunity to learn and reproduce the skills they have gained in the workshops, leaving them feeling enlightened, confident and inspired.

Prices start from as little as £260.00 per dance workshop and we can give you a customised quote for your project. In addition, to qualify for our early booking discount.