Black History Month – The Bigger Picture

October is Black History Month, when schools and organisations will be focusing on the achievements of great black people in history and today. The month has also become a time to look at wider “political” black issues of equality, and to explore and celebrate the amazing events cultures and people.

2020 Effect have a wide range of workshops to help explore investigate and celebrate Black History Month.

What is Black History Month?

Black History Month (BHM) in the UK is a four-week period of celebrations which has been running for over twenty years. Black History Month, which takes place during October, is an event to be celebrated and welcomed by wider society, as it is a time when people of all nationalities recognise the contributions that black culture has made to Britain and to the wider world. 2020 Effect’s ranges of Black History Workshops cover all areas from African Drumming Workshops to African Mask Making Workshops. They are a great way to celebrate and learn more about Black History, so please read on to discover which workshop or workshops would suit your needs!

African Drumming Workshops – The Most Popular Choice!

Celebrating Black History by exploring different percussion instruments is both uplifting and fun! Participants will look at both the origins of the instruments and how they are used. The workshops provide pupils with the opportunity to create their own piece of music, either using African drums or a variety of percussion instruments. Learn West African drumming rhythms and percussion music from Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast. During this African drumming workshop participants will collaborate with master drummers to learn the art of drumming leading to an uplifting and collaborative performance.

Using traditional drums from West Africa other percussion instruments, our highly skilled and experienced facilitators lead vibrant drumming sessions that open up amazing opportunities for individuals and groups from all backgrounds.

African drumming has a great cultural heritage, making it ideal for celebrating Black History Month and it is an incredibly popular workshop. Africa has a rich variety of instruments and many call it the “drum continent”.

In this African Drumming workshop, a drum circle will be created and a master drummer will teach participants how to play the Djembe drum. Participants will also learn the significance and uses of drumming in African culture, where they are always an accompaniment for any manner of ceremony, such as births, deaths marriages etc.

West African Drumming workshops music accompanies important life events, like marriage, childbirth, working and hunting. It has a very close relationship both with dance and with the tones and rhythmic patterns of the local language. The music is built from varied timbres playing interlocking rhythmic parts to form a polyrhythmic whole, often led by a master drummer using call and response patterns.

Sessions may run from 30mins to 1 hour, depending on the age group, and fit with the school timetable where possible. The time may be used in many ways; often schools want every class to have at least one contact so everyone has an opportunity to share the excitement. We also encourage a African Drumming performance towards the end of a project.

We will provide everyone with a Djembe drum and take the participants through a body rhythm workshop, leading in to a traditional composition involving multiple parts. Everyone will be able to play an instrument. The end result is a powerful sound and highly stimulating experience.

Black History Month goes beyond history, making children aware about black history and celebrating is something that our workshops offer.

Our list of Black History Month Workshops includes the very popular Traditional African Drumming Workshop and African Dance Workshops plus many more (keep reading to find out).

Our series’ of Black History Month workshops are dedicated to providing a range of educational workshops which serve to highlight the African culture, black history and engage and educate. All our cultural workshops are authentic and cover the disciplines of dance, drama, music and visual arts. They are designed to educate, empower and enlighten and are an exciting addition to multicultural days, exhibitions, displays, presentations and tours.

Please take note that to secure the date and workshop you require for Black History Month we recommend you book before the end of summer term, so please act today and book early to avoid disappointment!

To book a Black History Month Workshop please call our bookings line FREE today on 0800 471 4983.