Black History Month October 2012

With Black History Month (BHM) rapidly approaching in October, we thought it would be useful to explain in more detail about various workshops that are used by many schools during this time of celebration.

Here at 2020 Effect we offer a variety African Arts Workshops aimed to help support Black History Month, today’s blog is going to focus on our very popular African Drumming Workshops.

The drum is perhaps the oldest musical instrument in the world, with every society employing it in varying degrees. However, it is most revered among the people of Africa, where it comes in various forms and fulfills various functions. The drum is the most important musical instrument in Africa; as a result African Drumming Workshops are one of the best ways to learn more about the African Culture.

2020 Effect honours the authentic integrity of West African musical arts by bringing the music of Africa to people of all ages, 2020 Effect shares its knowledge and appreciation of these traditions by celebrating these beautiful and ancient art forms with various audiences, through African Drumming Workshops which suit all ages and abilities.

With every African Drumming Workshop booked we will provide everyone with a Djembe drum and take the participants through the African Drumming workshop, leading in to a traditional composition involving multiple parts. Everyone will be able to play an instrument. The end result is a powerful sound and highly stimulating experience

Our Master Drummers will lead the African drumming workshops and performances and bring great understanding and awareness of Africa’s cultural heritage!

It is important to celebrate Black History Month in schools and what better way than using and authentic Black History Month Workshop. Our series’ of Black History Month workshops are dedicated to providing a range of educational workshops which serve to highlight the African culture, black history and engage and educate. All our cultural workshops are authentic and cover the disciplines of dance, drama, music and visual arts. They are designed to educate, empower and enlighten and are an exciting addition to multicultural days, exhibitions, displays, presentations and tours.

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