Beat The Winter Blues With Our African Drumming Workshops

The cold isn’t shifting and the snows back for a second round! But don’t let that get you down! Here at 2020 Effect we have the solution to beat the winter blues! With one of 2020 Effect’s African Drumming Workshops we can bring the rhythm, warmth, spirit and culture to you! Whatever the event we can guarantee to enthuse and inspire people into action, whether that is a classroom of young children or the sales department of a corporate organisation.

2020 Effect’s African Drumming Workshops are an ideal way to experience the traditions of another culture; our African Drum Workshops only employ genuine African drummers. Our robust child protection policy, insurance cover and risk assessments (see below) ensure that our African drumming workshops are as safe as they are satisfying.

2020 Effect’s African Drumming Workshops are 100% authentic; all participants will get the chance to beat out their own rhythms in a workshop that incorporates African dancing, vocalising, chanting and other elements that guarantee enlightenment and enjoyment in equal measure.

African Drumming Workshops are the perfect way to inject some flare, rhythm and enthusiasm into your event, if you’re looking to motivate, stimulate and inspire, we don’t stop at African Drumming Workshops, here is just an example of what else we offer.

– African Drumming
– African storytelling
– Afro Brazilian Dance African Jewellery Making & Bead Making
– African Mask Making
– African Textiles & Print Making

The spring term is coming up, make sure you book early and don’t miss out on an authentic African Drumming Workshop from 2020 Effect.

To find out more about our African Drumming Workshops or 2020 Effect please contact us on 0800 471 4983 or email