African Drumming Workshop

African Drumming plays huge part in African culture. African Drumming is very important in people’s daily life, drums are used in many different ways; for sending massages, ceremonies or weddings to name but a few examples.

African Drumming can be enjoyed as an individual pursuit, between friends, or amongst colleagues and delegates. Children of all ages also find African Drumming Workshop to be particularly enjoyable. African Drumming Workshops offers amazing benefits for Corporate, Educational and Community clients. Some of these benefits can be broken down as follows:
Benefits for Corporate Drumming Workshop Clients / Businesses
•    It is a good way to energize and motivate staff.
•    Perfect ice breaker, as it achieves interaction through collective participation within a short time.
•    Improves communication.
•    Enhances team work by aligning people to a common goal.
•    It Improves coordination, concentration and timing.
•    Our workshops are fun and leave you feeling good and with a memorable experience.

Benefits for Educational Workshops Institutes – Schools, Colleges, Universities
•    Improves team spirit.
•    It is a creative group activity that encourages learning.
•    It builds self confidence and leadership skills.
•    Improve tolerance and respect.
•    It can be adapted to suit the capabilities of the target age group.
•    It improves musical ability.
•    Enhance listening skills, coordination and timing.
•    Enhance cultural awareness.

Benefits for Community Centre Workshop / Groups
•    It fosters community spirit and brings people together
•    An interactive and engaging activity to keep young people off the streets and out of trouble
•    Create an awareness of others and promotes communication.
•    It is a great aid for children with learning difficulties.

With every African Drumming Workshop booked we will provide everyone with a Djembe drum and take the participants through the African Drumming workshop, leading in to a traditional composition involving multiple parts. Everyone will be able to play an instrument, the end result is a powerful sound and highly stimulating experience; African Drumming Workshops can be tailored depending on what you are looking for. One of our Master Drummers will lead the African drumming workshops and performances and bring great understanding and awareness of Africa’s cultural heritage. We also sell authentic African Drums if you wish to continue your learning with comprehensive teaching packages, designed to enable even non-specialists to make an immediate and long-lasting impact. Having your own African Drums means that you can continue what you have learnt during one of our workshops and never forget the magic of African Drumming. We offer various packs and options so get in touch if you’re interested in purchasing any or finding out more info.

To find out more about our African Drumming Workshop please contact us on 0800 471 4983 or email